Craft Custom Employment Contracts to Protect Your Business and Employees

What to include in an Employment Contract

When you are the owner of a company, your main goal is to conduct your business in a manner that will acquire a good reputation over time and bring in profits that will give the business a life of its own. For this to happen, a business requires the involvement of others. Most importantly, the company will need employees who vest their time and energy for your business. Employment Contracts form the written proof of their commitment, and in the long run they benefit all the parties involved.

How to Write an Employment Contract 

There are several stipulations that a Contract of Employment should consist of – and must consist of in terms of South African law. Employment Agreements are legally binding agreements between the two parties, samples of which are available from Agreements Online. Employment Contracts are an important facet of business and the particulars of what they need to include should be reviewed carefully before they are drawn up.

A contract of employment is generally considered to be a flexible, “living” arrangements in that, as time progresses and job requirements change, you should allow for adjustments to accommodate these changes. A standard employment contract should include the standard Policies & Procedures of the employer. It should also specify the period of employment, the monetary compensation for this term, the duties of the individual and the working title that they will be holding in the course of their employment. There are also additional legal requirements set by the Basic Conditions of Employment Act which must be included.

The expectations of the employer should also be outlined, detailing specifics like the amount of time the employee is obligated to give to the business to the exclusion of all other competing interests. Time away from work in the form of leave must also be elaborated in an employment agreement. The circumstances that will bring about the termination of the employment are also set out.

Several other additions can be included in the creation of a suitable contract of employment. There are numerous other employment forms, agreements and documents that employers can adopt and use to ensure that their staff are appointed legally and with the correct employment documents in place.

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Please note that this information is supplied for general information and does not constitute legal advice. It is advisable for you to contact a legal practitioner for guidance in respect of your unique requirements.