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Every one of us needs to use legal contracts, agreements and documents at some point in life. The process of getting them drafted accurately is not only time consuming: it also requires an experienced person to do it. Getting legal agreements online is a convenient way of purchasing your legal contracts. Agreements Online is one reliable site that you can visit for professional agreements, contracts, documents and forms.

Types of Legal Agreements 

There are different types of legal contracts at Agreements Online. Here are some commonly used standard agreements, contracts, forms and legal documents online:


This is an agreement prepared to protect the welfare of shareholders in a company. The agreement outlines the rights and obligations of shareholders, policies regarding loan accounts, the procedure to follow when there is a deadlock in decision making or when a shareholder wishes to sell shares, is sequestered or commits a breach of contract.


This contract is necessary when contracting someone to distribute your goods and/or services. It outlines the boundaries set on the terms of distributorship so that both parties are protected from unfair business practices. As one most of the legal contracts online, it can be adjusted to suit your personal requirements. Once the necessary changes are made, the distributor and supplier should sign it.


  • Lease Agreements

This is used by property owners to sign up a lease or rental contract with a tenant. Rental agreements can differ depending on whether the house is residential or commercial, furnished or not and whether there is an agent involved or not. The contract of lease covers the terms of the rental, definitions, defects list, rental amount and deposit, maintenance, notices and what constitutes breach of contract.


These are legal agreements online, which are signed by persons being contracted to do a job. Employment agreements are in different categories, depending on the job requirements. They include and are not limited to the temporary employment contract, salary-based agreement, employment with or without probation, commission-based employment, or executive employment contract. It specifies the terms of employment, rights, duties and obligations of both the employer and employee.


This applies when a person gives another person the authority to conduct/oversee activities, sign documents or enter into transactions on their behalf. It is wide and covers all areas of operation. If, however, one wishes to limit this freedom to particular areas only, they can use the Special Power of Attorney, which delegates authority to carry out a specific duty.


  • Indemnity Clauses

These are notices and written disclaimers that govern activities involving risk, such as extreme sports or transportation. It can protect the service provider from claims in the event of unexpected incidents such as injury to a client or loss of the customer’s property. The service provider should obtain indemnity from everyone participating in the activities before-hand.


There are many more legal agreements online, which can apply to your specific needs. Check out Agreements Online for the full list of legal agreements, contracts, forms and documents available. View all our Online Legal Agreements here now.


Please note that this information is supplied for general information and does not constitute legal advice. It is advisable for you to contact a legal practitioner for guidance in respect of your unique requirements.