Understanding the Different Types of Policies and Procedures for Employers

Employment Policies and Procedures are necessary for the business owner to establish company rules and procedures and to ensure that their employees fully understand their rights, obligations and the necessary steps to take in various employment-related situations. After reading and signing an Employment Contract that references the employer’s policies & procedures, the employee becomes bound to abide by the Employment Policies and rules of the employer. A company’s Employment Policies must comply with South African labour law, and must not violate the employees’ rights. However, they are enforceable if drafted and implemented correctly, and form a useful tool in protecting the interests of the company.

Here are a few of the Employment Policies and Procedures available.

  • Company Communications Policy – Outlines the general company policy regarding communications with staff, customers or press
  • Company Vehicles Policy – Allowable use of company vehicles, responsibility while using company vehicles and other procedures
  • Computer Usage Policy – Outlines general use of computers, use of email, allowable uses, and procedures for security as well as violations
  • Corruption, Gifts and Kickbacks Policy – Defines company policy on gifts, corruption, and conflict of interest
  • Disciplinary & Grievances Policy – defines incapacity as regards poor work performance or ill health, and outlines disciplinary and grievance procedures
  • Employment Equity Policy – Outlines company policies and affirmative action initiatives as well as fair hire and recruitment issues
  • Leave Policies – covers company policies on annual leave, study leave, sick leave, maternity leave, compassionate leave and unpaid leave
  • HIV policy – company policies regarding HIV privacy issues as well as prevention measures and health and safety issues
  • Performance Management Policy and Procedure – Provides job performance templates, outline of company policies regarding reviews
  • Recruitment Policy – Company procedures as regards filling vacant positions, recruitment and hiring.
  • Remuneration Policy – Deals with employee salaries or remuneration
  • Sexual Harassment Policy – Defines sexual harassment, company policy and procedures as regards sexual harassment in the workplace
  • Smoking Policy – company policy on smoking in the workplace, specifying smoking areas as well as designated breaks if applicable.
  • Telephone Policy – Defines workplace use of cell phones and company telephones as well as conduct during company telephone calls
  • Travel Policy – Deals with business travel of employees, allowable expenses and travel subsistence reimbursement
  • Turnkey Policy – Provides policies for employees who may be working on client’s site including work hours, reimbursement and conduct.

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Please note that this information is supplied for general information and does not constitute legal advice. It is advisable for you to contact a legal practitioner for guidance in respect of your unique requirements.