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Written legal agreements

Do you really need it in writing?

Most of us have never lived in a day when verbal ‘contracts’ were the norm and a man’s word was as good as his signature. Back in those days your honour and reputation was all you had and not living up to your word was the kiss of death for your business as well your social relationships. Things have changed somewhat since then, and along with the changes we’ve seen a marked decrease in the value of verbal legal agreements.

Indemnity clauses

A question that is regularly asked is “Are indemnity notices and indemnity forms legally enforceable?” It seems that there is widespread uncertainty about the validity of indemnities, and how they work.

Indemnity Notice: Have you noticed the proliferation of Indemnity Notices and disclaimers in shopping centres, office blocks, and public areas? Have you ever wondered how enforceable they are? A properly worded Indemnity Notice can be enforced, but only if: