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Shareholders’ Agreements

A Shareholders’ Agreement is an important document to confirm the rights of the shareholders apropos each other and other stakeholders in the business, as well as to specify how the shareholders intend for the company to operate. A shareholders agreement fills in the gaps on issues where the law remains silent. The agreement is a blend of company law and contract law, with the understanding that statutory requirements must be observed at all times.

Indemnity clauses

A question that is regularly asked is “Are indemnity notices and indemnity forms legally enforceable?” It seems that there is widespread uncertainty about the validity of indemnities, and how they work.

Indemnity Notice: Have you noticed the proliferation of Indemnity Notices and disclaimers in shopping centres, office blocks, and public areas? Have you ever wondered how enforceable they are? A properly worded Indemnity Notice can be enforced, but only if:

successful joint venture

How to form a Successful Joint Venture

How to form a Successful Joint Venture

joint venture, sometimes known as a strategic alliance, and even occasionally, albeit incorrectly, referred to as a business partnership, is being increasingly used by businesses that want to explore new opportunities, find new leads, attract new customers and take sales to new levels. But before diving into a joint venture, be sure to plan carefully and consider all the consequences before signing on the dotted line. Although joint ventures often do not involve upfront costs, they do require an investment of time, effort and resources to make the venture work.