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Watch your tenants!

You have an investment property that you decide to rent out. After all, what better way to acquire an asset than to have someone else pay for it? But landlords, take heed: It takes just one tenant getting involved in illegal activities to result in your investment property being forfeited to the State!

Consider this court case: a landlord leased his farm to tenants, then went about his life oblivious to the fact that his tenants were using the property in order to manufacture illegal drugs. In terms of the Prevention of Organised Crime Act, the farm was declared forfeited to the State, given that it was being put to illegal use. And this despite the fact that the owner was not in any way party to or aware of the illegal operations that were being conducted on his property.

Tips on drafting a lease agreement

Being a landlord without a signed written lease agreement is like a soldier entering into the battlefield without his ammunition. It is difficult to protect your interests as landlord/owner against a problem tenant if there is not a written and signed lease agreement intact. When writing a lease agreement here are some tips that can protect your legal rights and your property.