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Business Ethics: A Contradiction in Terms? Part III

In Part I and Part II we addressed a breed of dangerous delinquents that we term “The Undesirables”. And whilst they may well be undesirable, this hasn’t stopped them from invading our society at whim in their quest to feather their own nests. In an attempt to curb this onslaught, we suggested that enterprises face the challenge head-on, by:

  • Giving serious thought to, and publicly advertising their mission, vision and values statements, clarifying the Company’s guiding principles; and
  • Further exploring and clarifying their ethical compass in the form of a Business Ethics Policy, succinctly setting out the line the Company will not cross in its corporate pursuits.

We now turn our attention to that most alarming calamity, arguably one of the biggest man-made disasters ever to face our beloved country. Corruption.

Business Ethics: A Contradiction in Terms? Part II

Previously, we unveiled a species of person that we refer to as “The Undesirables”. If you missed it, click here to catch up.

The Undesirables comprise a category of person found to be lacking in moral fibre. They are consequently willing to engage in activities that are otherwise contrary to society’s generally accepted norms and conventions. This type of person is willing to traverse moral, ethical and legal boundaries in their pursuit of self-interests.

Business Ethics: A Contradiction in Terms? Part I

Business Ethics:(n) the study and examination of moral and social responsibility in relation to business practices and decision-making in business

A business is an enterprise with a product-offering for the sole purpose of making a profit. True or false? Ask most business owners this question and the answer would in all likelihood be a resounding True. For what right-minded individual would slave night and day, working his fingers to the bone, foregoing an income for months on end, sacrificing family, health and sanity, all towards bringing a product or service-offering to the market, if not for the desire to ultimately see a profit?