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Sale of a Business – Some Pointers

Every business came from somewhere. Perhaps your business was born amidst greasy carburetors and worn out spark plugs in a dark and dusty corner of your garage. Mayhaps the seed germinated at what was once the dining room table which soon morphed into a make-shift desk, home to cables, computers and copies of DIY business guides while the kids were relegated to balancing supper on their laps in front of the TV. No matter why, where or when conception began, few feelings match the adrenaline, excitement, anticipation, fear and hope experienced by its creator. Given the dismal mortality rate of newborn businesses, the pride and indeed euphoria when your offspring succeeds in life is almost incomparable. As time progresses, this fledgling business will hopefully survive teething, growth spurts and the occasional tumble, and finally allow its creator the luxury of sleep-filled nights. Assuming the creator doesn’t give in to the temptation to kill it off in its teenage years, during which its pace of growth, willful resistance and impulsive experimentation often strains the creator’s wallet and sanity, this once fledgling business will (hopefully) emerge a strong, competent, successful and profitable enterprise, able to hold its own in the big bad world.