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10 Tips to Hiring the Wrong Employee – Part I

January is a month of frenetic action in an attempt to repent the slothness of December. A month of austerity brought on in no small part by December’s over-indulgence. It’s a month of fixing past mistakes with new mistakes. A month typified by resolutions (this year I resolve that my resolution will last longer than it lasted last year) and new beginnings. Perhaps your new beginning was to ditch your credit cards and start a savings account instead, prompted in all likelihood by the recent gluttony of December consumerism. Perhaps it was to turf your old wardrobe and buy something fresher, funkier, and fits the post-holiday curves better. And perhaps it was to finally resign from your stale position and move on to greener pastures. Which leaves your ex-employer going into February trying to figure out who is to inherit your old job.