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Rental Increase: Agreeing to an Agreement to Agree? Rather not.

With Easter having come and gone, the world’s most beloved rabbit has since hopped off to find a warm and comfortable spot to settle down for Winter. Unfortunately for the rest of us, our tasks aren’t confined to a single day in the year. Whilst digging deeper into the duvet may be the preferred choice for most, the combined demands of clients, kids and creditors ensures that hibernation is not an option. An added curse of Winter can be found in the form of Eskom. If you are in the fortunate position of being unaffected by load-shedding, you find yourself paying through the nose for every shred of heat that you can scrounge. And so it is, in a roundabout kind of way, that you may find yourself seeking warmer premises to rent for your home or office. Preferably with large North-facing windows so that the Sun may warm your frost-bitten self, without having to resort to the electric heater.