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Repaying the tenant’s deposit

There’s a familiar struggle that plays out at the end of every lease. It revolves around the repayment of the deposit. Unsurprisingly, the tenant is keen on getting their deposit back pronto. But the landlord is invariably not so keen to part with the cash. The distrust on both sides is not entirely without justification.

There are many tenants who have been caught out by the games that landlords are wont to play with their deposit. On the final day of the lease the tenant dutifully removes the last moving box, sweeps the last dust particle, locks the door on the pristine property and returns the keys. Only to find themselves being held liable for paying a painter, carpet-cleaner, handyman, gardener, cleaner. For good measure the tenant may even find themselves paying for the carpets to be replaced and fixtures to be updated. All out of their hard-earned deposit.