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CPA and Lease Agreements – Part III

Previously, on the topic of the Consumer Protection Act and Lease Agreements – Part II

We’ve ascertained that the CPA has an impact on lease agreements. But not all lease agreements. Lease agreements between legal entities are excluded from the Act, the basic premise being that they (or their Armani-clad legal team on their behalf) can hold their own during negotiations. The CPA provisions relating to lease agreements are restricted to lease agreements that are signed by individuals (like Granny – see Part I.)

CPA and Lease Agreements – Part I

When it comes to discussing the effect of the CPA on lease agreements, there are, broadly-speaking, three types of people:

Camp 1: Those who know exactly what I’m talking about, could probably write a thesis on the subject, and will in all likelihood stop reading at this very point. (But before you do, I just want to thank you for taking the time to read my ponderings – I really hope my previous newsletters have been of interest to you.)