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Leases and the Renewal Negotiation

Lease Agreements generally follow a time-and-tested approach. Tenant likes the property; a Lease Agreement is signed; Tenant moves in; Tenant pays their rent each month. At the end of the fixed period, Tenant elects to either renew the lease, or continue on a month-to-month. Or terminate and move out. Most people are familiar with this…

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Investing the tenant’s deposit

After endless weekends searching for that perfect property, the tenant finally heaves a sigh of relief. Found it! And it’s perfect! The forms are signed, the deposit and first month’s deposit is paid, the removal van is booked. Let the settling in begin. But have you ever wondered what the landlord is planning on doing…

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Repaying the rental deposit

My tenant moved out five days ago and is now getting all shirty about getting her deposit back. The problem is, she’s agreed to pay for a large window that her son cracked with a cricket ball – out of the deposit. My handyman is snowed under at the moment. He has ordered the glass…

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Repaying the tenant’s deposit

There’s a familiar struggle that plays out at the end of every lease. It revolves around the repayment of the deposit. Unsurprisingly, the tenant is keen on getting their deposit back pronto. But the landlord is invariably not so keen to part with the cash. The distrust on both sides is not entirely without justification….

7 ways the CPA impacts Lease Agreements

Are you looking for a CPA-compliant Lease Agreement? We have the solution for you! If you’re asking, “What is a CPA-compliant Lease Agreement?” then read on. When the CPA was initially enacted, most people homed in on the obvious impact, such as the reigning in of retailers selling defective products to customers. It didn’t take long…