Consumer Protection Act

The Consumer Protection Act

I signed a 12-month lease on the 1st January last year. On 10th December my landlord asked me what time I’d be out of the apartment on the 31st as he has new tenants wanting to move in. I had completely lost track of time and forgotten that the 12 months was up this month! I haven’t made any plans to move out, I haven’t rented another property, and I wasn’t planning on moving out for at least another few months. Do I have to move out?

The Consumer Protection Act provides that a landlord must notify their tenant that the lease is coming to an end. This must be done no more than 80 and no less than 40 business days before the termination date. If the landlord hasn’t given you this notice, and if you and your landlord haven’t entered into any other arrangement or agreement, then your lease should automatically continue on a month-to-month basis. If your landlord wants you to move out, then he will need to give you one month’s notice to move, which will give you time to find alternative accommodation.