Sub Contractor Agreements

Hiring a Sub-Contractor? Have a Legal Agreement in Place Often when a contractor or consultant wins a business deal, they hire a sub-contractor to do part of or all the work at an agreed fee. When hiring a subcontractor, it is important to have a legal terms & conditions, in the form of a Sub-Contractor Agreement, which both of you can sign before the work begins. This is a legally binding agreement, which should be drafted by a lawyer. An effective subcontractor agreement outlines the terms of the contract, which include the specific work to be done, fees charged and payment. The terms of a subcontractor arrangement should also give clear details of the course of action for incomplete work and/or non-payment. The essence of a sub-contractor agreement is to protect both the supplier and the contractor and to ensure a fair deal is arrived at. And when you have different tasks that may require using two or more specialist contractors, you may need to hire a sub-contractor for each of these tasks, specifying the scope of work to be done and expected results. To prepare these Legal Agreements, you will need the help of a legal advisor. There are many legal firms offering these services at a reasonable fee. But if you do not have a cost-effective lawyer available to draft your documents there’s no cause for concern. To save you time, money and effort, you can purchase these generic legal agreements templates online. Agreements Online is one such site where Legal Agreements are provided in a professional manner. Sub Contractor Agreements Agreements Online endeavours to include all the necessary details in the standard Sub-Contractor Agreement templates, which are written in English, in a clear, simple and plain language, yet still professional. With this document, you can specify the work the contractor has agreed to do, the amount you will pay him/her including the rate – whether per hour, per person, per team or a specific amount for total work done. You can also outline the schedule and means of the payment. You can include whether you will pay for incurring costs of the contract such as transportation fees or whether this is included in the total pay. Circumstances under which the contract can be terminated are spelt out. This includes breach of contract from either side and/or any other specified circumstances. Agreements Online includes several other important provisions, such as a clause prohibiting the sub-contractor from dealing with your customer directly. This serves to protect your income source and ensure everyone sticks to his or her side of the Legal Agreement bargain. Get Sub Contractor Agreements and other Legal Agreements Online now. Getting a Sub Contractor Contract is easy. Purchase, download, and make the necessary amendments to suit your circumstances. The whole process is well organized, fast and cost effective.   Please note that this information is supplied for general information and does not constitute legal advice. It is advisable for you to contact a legal practitioner for guidance in respect of your unique requirements.