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It is much appreciated. I will definitely remember agreements online for any future requirement I might have. Your service was excellent and worth recommending.

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Fantastic site, GREAT value. I hope traffic is fantastic (it should be!!)

Stuart / Alchemy Advertising & Communications

I am a sole proprietor of a small business in the mechanical engineering trade. I have close to fifteen years experience in aluminium, mild steel and stainless welding, reconditioning and repairing of cylinderheads. While I pride myself on my abilities in mechanical engineering, I was completely at sea when it came to putting in place solid business processes for my company. This is where Kerry stepped in. She steered me through the maze of compliance legalese that I needed to know and adhere to, and saw to it that I had solid employment processes in place. These documents were downloaded directly from the Agreements Online website and they cost me less than one appointment with a firm of attorneys! I am extremely grateful to  Agreements Online for their personal and professional service. I know that my business is established on firm legal ground, and my staff understand their terms of employment and know what is expected of them. It was therefore only a pleasure to receive a surprise visit from the Department of Labour a few months ago. They found my business to be completely compliant and commented that this was extremely unusual in the SMME sector. I offer my story in encouragement to you to work with Agreements Online to ensure that your business is on a sure legal footing.

Steven / TMH Cylinderheads

I used Kerry to draft a shareholder’s agreement for a client of mine. She is very friendly and professional. We discussed our requirements at an initial meeting, received a verbal quote at the end of the meeting and the written quote a couple of hours after the meeting. Once we accepted the quote, we had the first draft of the agreement within one business day. Excellent service at a price targeted at the SMME market. I will be using Kerry for all my future legal document/contract requirements and I recommend that you do the same!

Michael / The Peak Group

I met Kerry a few days ago – in person – I have ’employed’ her professional, legal services and found her to be a very nice person as well as being professional at the same time. I look forward to many years of interaction with her.

Gary / Alpha Power Systems

I have always found Kerry to be extremely adept and professional in her approach. Her insight into the realm of my business requirements has made working alongside her a pleasure. She is prompt and very thorough.

Brenda / MyDezign

Thank you so much, you are a star and super efficient…I will definitely return to your site.


Thank you for your friendly and apt service. You have a great site and offer a great service. Thank you for your advice and help.


Fantastic service that you are providing! It really helps the ‘gofers’ like me who somehow land up with all the admin aspects of doing business.


Thanks so much for your assistance! Rest assured that should we need any other agreements, we would know where to look.

I am an Estate Agent who deals with quite a few law firms. These firms range from small family practices to the so called “big 5 ” in Johannesburg. Whilst they offer a good service I personally find many of their documents too complicated which can lead to disputes between the parties. My fiancé entered into a partnership with her brother and distant cousin, unfortunately they did not enter into any contract.  Needless to say within a month the parties were engaged in a huge dispute. This dispute ended up being taken to the respective parties in law firms in the Western Cape. Both parties lawyers were not happy with the “sale of members interest” this dispute raged between the two parties for two weeks and at huge cost. In the process I downloaded your “sale of member’s interest” and gave it to the two parties. Both parties read the agreement and said that they were both very happy with this simple easy to understand document.  The “distant cousins” attorney actually phoned me to say that this document saved the day. I must sincerely thank you for your easy to use well written documents. They potentially have saved us hundred of thousand Rands in legal fees that we could have spent on litigation.  I look forward to using your documents in the years to come.
I was very impressed with the service received, quality of the documents and general professionalism.  A great product and outstanding support!  I can highly recommend Agreements Online.
I have the highest recommendations for Kerry and her work. Her ability to translate my business issues, risks and concerns into a legal document are phenomenal. I just need to sit with Kerry for as long as it takes for me to describe my business issues in my own language, and within a few days Kerry produces a contract that embodies everything I explained to her, no matter how complex the issues. A few minor changes and my legal docs are ready to be used with my clients, suppliers and/or business partners! Kerry also goes beyond the call of simply drawing up the contracts – she considers aspects of my business transactions that I would not have thought of, and contributes substantially to helping me think through all aspects of these transactions. This gives me great peace of mind that I’ve done all I can to protect my interests in each transaction. She also has a superb ability to consider the interests of all parties to a transaction, and has the ability to draw up agreements and contracts that are balanced and fair to all parties – this helps me substantially in getting the buy-in of the others parties to my transaction.
Andrew / Digital Biomes

I have looked all over the net (South African side) for an agreement and have not found anything decent until I found your site!


I really appreciate all of your valuable assistance with my recent contract issue. You explained the agreements in simple language that was easy to understand, and were careful to point out the ‘deal breaker’ clauses in terms of the needs I wanted to have met through the negotiations. As a small business owner, I would never have been able to afford this level and quality of legal advice if it hadn’t have been for you – thank you.

Louise / Louise Barnes Communications

Kerry is highly efficient, knowledgeable, and affordable. I would recommend her any day knowing that she’ll take good care of your organisation’s legal aspects.

Mornay / MetaPerformance

I have used Kerry services over the past 2 years for my business. In these two years I have been dealing with her, I would like to mention that never before have I worked with a company that is not only professional but is very customer driven. Kerry helps me feel at ease, I always walk away knowing and understanding what the future holds, and feel very valued as an individual. Keep up the good work! I’ve used Kerry’s services for all my contract drafting and reviewing and have found her services to be without a doubt the best choice. Kerry knows exactly what is needed for my company, gives sound advice, is helpful and fast and friendly every step of the way. I have always felt like a valued client! Kerry has proven trustworthy and I have no hesitation whatsoever recommending their services to any of my friends and colleagues!

Susan / Intra-Active Abilities

Dear Kerry. We at Engineer your Tomorrow greatly enjoy the working relationship that we have with you. We rely on your advice and appreciate the quick turnaround that you consistently deliver. You were there to guide us through our start up phase, providing client and employee contracts, and we now appreciate your ongoing guidance. Thank you for always going the extra mile. We sincerely appreciate your patience in explaining context and consequence to those of us who are not lawyers!

Tanya / Engineer Your Tomorrow

This is excellent service!  I will be recommending your site to friends and colleagues.


I must sincerely thank you for your easy to use well written documents. They potentially have saved us hundred of thousand Rands in legal fees that we could have spent on litigation.  I look forward to using your documents in the years to come. Many thanks.


Thank you very much, Kerry. I have bookmarked your site as it has some great content and actually works. It is also comforting to know there are people behind the web page!