Q: What is required to appoint a Domestic Worker?

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A domestic worker’s employment conditions must comply with Sectoral Determination Seven – Domestic Worker’s Sector. This requires that the following information is given to the domestic worker when you employ him or her as a housekeeper, gardener etc.

  1. The full name and address of the employer
  2. The name and occupation of the domestic worker, or a brief description of the work for which s/he is employed
  3. The place of work, and where s/he is required or permitted to work
  4. Date of employment
  5. The domestic worker’s ordinary hours of work and days of work
  6. The domestic worker’s wage or rate and method of payment
  7. The rate of pay for overtime work
  8. Any other cash payments s/he is entitled to
  9. Any payment in kind s/he is entitled to and the value of payment in kind
  10. How frequently wages will be paid
  11. Any deductions to be made from wages
  12. The leave s/he is entitled to
  13. The period of notice required to terminate employment, or if employment is for a specified period, the date when employment is to terminate

You can record this information in a written Domestic Worker’s Contract.

Please note that this information is supplied for general information and does not constitute legal advice. It is advisable for you to contact a legal practitioner for guidance in respect of your unique requirements.