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Secure Your Legacy: 10 Common Myths About Wills and Estate Planning

Most of us are too busy with Life to worry about Death. But Death has this annoying habit of showing Life the finger and pitching up at the most inopportune time. While cheating Death may prove difficult, we can ease the process by making sure that we have drafted a will. Yet a worrying number…

How to sign and store your Will

Signing & storing your Will

Once your Will has been drafted, what do you do? Here are several things to consider. Signing your Last Will and Testament Once you’ve read through your Will and you’re happy with it, the next step is to sign it. Before you pick up the closest pen and merely scrawl your mark, be aware of…

Reasons why you should have a will

5 Reasons why you should draft a Will

There are only two ways that you can die. With a Will. Or without a Will. It’s entirely your choice. But here are five reasons why we would strongly recommend that you die with a Will. You can appoint your executor. When you die, somebody has to be appointed as an executor to organise all…

7 Considerations when drafting a Will

Where can you get a Will? When it comes to drafting your Last Will and Testament, the first thing to decide is: “Where can I get a Will from?” To answer this, consider whether you’re comfortable with using a template, or if you’d prefer that someone drafts it for you. If your estate is relatively…

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Q: I have signed my will, but need to store it somewhere. What should I do?

I need to store my signed will somewhere. I took it to my bank, but they want to charge me a monthly fee for storing it. It’s just a three-page document, and I don’t want to pay monthly fees for the rest of my life. What should I do with it? A: There’re no legal…

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Q: I recently drafted my will. My grandson signed as witness. Is this a problem?

I recently drafted my will, leaving my estate to my three daughters. My eldest daughter’s son signed as a witness, together with my neighbour. A friend expressed concern about this – but my grandson is officially an adult (he’s 19) and he’s not named in my will. Is this a problem? A:  Generally speaking, anyone…

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Q: I have drafted my will using a template. Are there any additional requirements, or do I just need to sign it?

A: Once you’re comfortable that your Will unambiguously reflects your wishes, you need to sign it. You need to be aware of the following requirements: You must sign your will in the presence of two witnesses. You can’t sign it, then later ask your witnesses to sign it. They need to witness that you did,…

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Q: My bank drafted my will, but I don’t like it. What can I do now?

My Will was drafted by my bank. But I don’t like it. There’re lots of spelling and grammatical errors, there’re a lot of clauses I don’t understand, and they’ve named the bank as my executor even though I specifically asked them not to. What can I do now? A: If you don’t like your Will,…

7 things to consider when you draft a will

Template or custom-drafted? When it comes to drafting your Will, the first thing to decide is: where will you get one from? Are you comfortable with using a template, or would you prefer for someone to draft it for you? If your situation is relatively uncomplicated a template can be an easy and cost-effective option….

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5 Reasons Why Having a Will is Essential: Expert Advice from Agreements Online

There are two ways of dying: with a Will; or without a Will. Here are some reasons why we would strongly recommend that you die with a Will. You get to choose your heirs. Drafting a Will is the best way of ensuring that your possessions get given to the people of your choice. If…